Get rewarded for using less electricity.


NEM – Net Energy Metering. Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners who generate their own electricity from solar system to feed the excess electricity back to the utility grid. Most solar system owners generate more electricity than they consume during daylight hours. The excess electricity generated is sent back to the utility grid making the meter run backwards. The utility customer, in turn, receives credits for this. As for the night or other times when a solar system owner consumes more electricity than the solar system generates, the business uses electricity from the utility grid.

Benefits of NEM

Customers then are only billed for their “net” energy consumption, the difference between their overall solar production and consumption.



An amazing new option for agricultural producers.


NEMA – Net Energy Metering Aggregation. The ability to aggregate or combine multiple meters under a single, centralized solar energy system. A single solar energy system can offset multiple meters located on contiguous properties owned or leased by the same customer.

Benefits of NEMA

Centralized solar energy systems are cost effective. Instead of designing, permitting, and installing several smaller systems, we can build one for you that maximizes your ROI.

Solar array does not need to be located near the meter(s), but rather anywhere on contiguous property owned or leased by the same utility account holder. NEMA allows you to put solar on less productive and valuable land. A single solar energy system can offset meters with different rates. This applies to agricultural, commercial and residential projects.