Press Release | 11.13.2017

Sunvalley Solar Wins Bid To Build a 1.1 Megawatt Solar System for Major Dairy Provider

Walnut, California Nov 9, 2017 Sunvalley Solar, Inc.(SSOL) today announced that it has been chosen by Hollandia Dairy to build a 1.1 MW-DC solar system that will help the dairy farm save around $200,000+ annually on energy. Hollandia Dairy has been in operation since 1950 and is carried by national chains like Walmart and Big Lots.


Dairy farms require a lot of electricity to keep their storage centers ventilated and milking machines constantly running. As a dairy provider to grocery outlets and schools all over Southern California, this can add up really fast on a utility bill where the rates are ever-increasing. By hiring the construction of a 1.1 MW-DC solar system, Hollandia Dairy will start producing its own electricity and drastically lower its energy bill for the next 25 years.


The 1.1 MW-DC solar system, using high efficiency modules and inverters, will be a combination of roof mount, carport and truck port installations.


We are proud to serve a longstanding dairy provider withsuch a wide reach, said Mehmet Cercioglu, General Manager of Sunvalley Solar.For over a decade now, weve led a campaign to help industrial farmers see the value in being able to do more of what they do best without having to pay expensive utility rates. Hollandia Dairy is another valued customer of ours that has seen the light and were very happy to help them make the transition to producing their own electricity."


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